URL Stats : Simply add a + to the end of the gkurl.us URL to see the stats

How can I share a gkurl.us link?

You can easily share a gkurl.us link via Twitter and Facebook or any other website. After your url has been generated, it will bring you to a page with links to Twitter and Facebook on the bottom. Or you can click copy and you will be able to paste it into a website of your choosing.

If someone else shortens the same URL as me, do we both see the same number of clicks?

Yes, if you shorten the same URL has someone before, it will give you the same short URL

Does gkurl.us ever re-use links?

No. When a URL is deactivated, it cannot be reused.

301 Redirects

A redirect is a technique for making a web page available under many URLs. When you shorten a link with gkurl.us, you are redirecting a click from gkurl.us to the destination URL. A 301 redirect is the most efficient and search engine friendly method for webpage redirection.

How can I be sure a gkurl.us link is safe to click on?

Our URLS are checked against the 3 major blacklist databases and the Phishtank service.